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Wheelchair Spokes Covers

What are spoke cover skins? 

Spoke cover skins are fitted on to the spokes of a wheelchair. They allow the wheelchair to be customised and personal. You can add this disc to any wheelchair to bring a modern and friendly feel to your chair.

What is the difference between Spoke Cover Skins and Spoke Guards?

Spoke cover skins are a round plastic sticker. They can be added to the spoke guards. Skins come in a range of colours and designs. It is also possible to customise the skins. 

Spoke Guards are round discs used to protect the spokes on a wheelchair. Spoke guards can also be customised. They come in a range of sizes and diameters. It is important to note the size of the wheel on a wheelchair before purchasing a wheelchair spoke cover skin or guard. The guards prevent the fingers from accidentally coming into contact with the spokes of the wheels. 

Both skins and guards allow you to add individuality to your wheelchair. 

Why would you use wheelchair spoke cover skins or guards

Spoke cover guards can be beneficial to anyone who has reduced sensation or alertness. These guards can help to prevent injuries such from fingers getting trapped. Spoke cover skins are great for anyone who want to bring more personality to their wheelchair. 

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