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Vision And Values

Our children at the center of everything

Core belief

We believe that children with additional needs deserve more. There should be more support, more awareness and more inclusion. Parents and carers constantly give their best to support their children and we believe they deserve a dedicated space. We aim to raise awareness by making it easier for parents to find products for their children and share advice.


  • Inclusion should be available for all

    Have you ever noticed how many websites and high street shops cater to children with special needs? We believe this needs to be increased. Inclusion should de available to all. Products for children with special needs should also be easily accessible.

  • Awareness isn’t difficult. Why is it so limited?

    How many people are aware of your child’s needs? How many people know where to find products or what equipment is required for a child with additional needs? We believe awareness needs to be improved. More awareness leads to a better understanding.

  • Empowerment for all supporters

    We believe that all supporters of special needs children should feel empowered. Parents and carers: Parents have expert knowledge of their child; knowledge that can often benefit and empower another parent. We aim to improve empowerment for parents by providing a space to share experience, advice and support. Shop Owners: We aim provide shop owners with a dedicated space of people who are grateful and searching for their products



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