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Ten Gift Ideas for a Child with Additional Needs

Ten Gift Ideas for a Child with Additional Needs

Ten Gift Ideas for a Child with Additional Needs

1.Buster Finds His Beat

Buster Finds His Beat

Do you have a child with autism? Are you trying to develop an understanding and appreciation of autism among young children?

Buster finds his beat is a feel-good story about an autistic boy. It tells his daily journey. From using ear defenders to confronting his daily fears, this story is likely to bring a greater sense of inclusion and awareness among children.


2. Capikooa Balance Board

Do you know a child who loves climbing? Many children benefit from the sensory input of heights or balancing. This Curvy board comes in a range of sizes and is perfect for children who get sensory stimulation from balancing. Your child can also use it for lining up their toys.


 3. Pink Unicorn Weighted Blanket

Unicorn Weighted Blanket

A love for unicorns and stars? This weighted blanket is perfect for children with anxiety and challenges with sleep. The blanket provides a soft even pressure to the body. It is sized to the body, helps a child to keep their body still during the night and reduce stress hormones. Some studies have shown that the deep pressure touch, offered by the blanket, helps provide feelings of safety, comfort and relaxation. Weighted blankets also have potential to support with insomnia, chronic pain or restless leg syndrome. 


4. Chewigem Berries

Do you have a child with sensory or teething needs? The chewigem berries are chunky, heavy and super sensory. They are great for fidgeting, stimming and are perfect for children who benefit from the sensory input of chewing! These berries also come in a variety of colours.


5. Baby BSL


Attempting to teach your child sign language? Baby BSL is a playfully interactive, multi-media learning experience. Your child can interact with the story with the use of an app. Each page will teach your child a new sign using BSL. Baby BSL is also affordable, portable,
flexible and fun. This book can be used with children from a range of ages. The potential impact of using sign language with ANY child is huge.

6. Resistance Tunnel

Resistance Tunnel

Do you know a child who enjoys crawling, pushing, pulling and lifting? This resistance tunnel promotes body awareness and provides resistance. It encourages body work through crawling, pushing, pulling and lifting. The net fabric design gives a sense of security while inside the tunnel.

7. Body Sock

The body sock offers an intense sensory experience. This helps to relieve energy, stress and sensory overload.  It is made from breathable lycra and designed for full strength. This sock improves gross motor skills while stimulating the tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive systems.


8. Rainbow Bug

Does your child benefit from rocking or climbing? The Bug is an open-ended, multi-functional toy furniture. The rocking movement stimulates senses, builds strength, increases balance, builds confidence and helps body awareness.
It will give your children years of fun.


 9. Plush Silver Diabetic Pump Pouch

Diabetic pump pouches are great for helping children manage their diabetes. This plush silver diabetic pump pouch is high quality and handmade.It is made with cuddle plush fabric and fully lined with a zip to keep pump secure.


10. Switch Adapted Kitten

Does your child have limited mobility? Are you searching for a toy that will allow them to play? This dancing kitten is adapted to work with any switch. It’s perfect for the child who loves to play with kittens.

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