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SEN Assessment For Your Child: Three Methods

SEN Assessment For Your Child: Three Methods

SEN Assessment For Your Child: Three Methods

Do you have questions about your child’s development? Is your child displaying behaviours which cause concern? When your child is experiencing challenges, it can bring up the question of what next. These challenges may be things such as delayed speech, movement, or challenging behaviour.

If your child is experiencing challenges, it is possible for them to receive support without an assessment.  This can be in the form of school booster groups, or adult interventions. However, if you feel that your child requires more support. It can be worth It to get an Educational Health Care Plan.

An Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) is a document that puts children at the centre of the assessment process. It helps to ensure that targets are co-produced with families, children, and professionals. This document will outline what support your specific child is entitled to and will have legal implication as a result of the Children And Families Act.  To receive an EHCP, it is essential to gain an SEN Assessment. This can be either done through by speaking with the Local Authority, Doctors, or Privately. We will look at these options below.

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Speaking With Your Local Authority

Either you as a carer or your child’s nursery or school can speak to the local authority about an SEN assessment. There are also a range of professionals who directly work with your child who can ask for an SEN assessment. Anyone who speaks with the local authority should be in conversation with the parent or carer of the child.

When speaking with the local authority, the SEN assessment request will be sent to the SEN panel. This panel consists of a range of professionals. This is where the discussion with the Educational and Health Care services will take place. The local authority should take 20 weeks from the time of receiving an assessment request to providing an EHC plan.

Speaking with your Doctor

If you are concerned about your child’s development, you can also speak with your doctor. By expressing your concerns with your doctor, they will be able to make suggestions for onward referral. In some cases, your child will go through screen information. This will be to identify any requirements moving forward.  Some parents have experienced challenges with waiting times when going through public health doctors.

Private Assessment

With this method, you could seek an SEN assessment from a private company. Some parents feel they would like a second opinion regarding their child’s assessment. This may be due to the fact that they do not believe the assessment is an accurate reflection of their child’s needs. In these cases, there tends to be an interest in private assessment. The waiting time with private assessment also tends to be shorter.

There are various methods that you could explore when trying to get an SEN assessment. We hope we have provided a brief outline to help you navigate this journey. Feel free to join our newsletter where we inform you of workshops and offers. You can also join our online Instagram Community here.

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