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School is out for Holidays

School is out for Holidays
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School is out for Holidays

So it’s that time of year when the lovely children are back at home. These are a few tips that parents say work for them and their children during the school holiday period.

1. Keep doing what works
You know your child best. You know what makes them happy, what makes them anxious or excited. There are plenty of things that you do during the school period that works for you and your child. Whether that be watching their favourite television program or playing their favourite game. Keep doing what works f0r you.


During the school period, your child will be in a consistent routine. This may be as simple as getting up, showering and out to school at the same time everyday. Being away from school can make some children anxious due to a change in routine. Although it can be great to have a break from routine once in a while, there is a great benefit of having one. It provides structure, a sense of understanding, control and comfort. Establishing a flexible school holiday routine can keep your child aware of expectations. Try using a visual timetable or now/ next board for flexibility in planning the day.

3.  Confidently embrace the public outings
Parenting a child with special needs can lead to a mixed set of emotions when out in public. Often leaving parents feeling like others can’t empathise. Some parents may feel a sense of isolation as they try to understand how ease the public outing. At the end of the day, public opinions don’t matter. You owe it to your child to put them above the views of the public.

4. Make the most of family and friends
All parents need a break. Looking to family or friends may lead to thoughts such as; “They’re too busy” “I don’t want to disturb them” or “They won’t do this the right way” Or you may not want others to know you need a break. After all, parents are meant to be superheroes and juggle everything. Right? These thoughts may lead to reluctance in asking for help. Children need social interaction. Letting your friends or family watch your children for a while can be a good source of interaction for them and a sense of respite for you.

5. Look for your moments of sunshine

All parents have good and bad days regardless of whether they have special needs kids or not. In all this, it’s important to remember to take time for yourself. This can be hard when you have children who you devote a lot of time to. Try to take advantage of any moments. This may be as little as five minutes while your child is asleep or engaged in an activity.  

2. Enjoy the unique moments

Children enjoy the simple things. Whether that’s the excitement of throwing the clean towels on the floor or spreading soap everywhere.  Many times parents may feel a need to tell their child off or get upset. In these moments pause and remember when you were a child. Take a minute to enjoy their creative, innocent childhood moments. Don’t be afraid to get on the floor and engage in messy play with them.

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