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Returns and Buyer Protection

  • Buyer protection

    Here at Lapapo Special Needs, we do all we can to ensure that products on the site are safe and secure. We have a selection of quality independent sellers and established businesses who manage their products. To further ensure your protection, when you make a purchase your funds are placed on hold. This is to ensure the shop owner is able to fulfil  your order. 

  • Advice to Ensure a Quality Experience
    • Read the product descriptions
    • Keep records of your order. This includes tracking numbers for both receiving and returning your items.
    • Ensure you are aware of the shop owners shipping and return policies. This should be stated in the shipping section of each product.
  • Making a return

    At Lapapo Special Needs all products are managed by independent sellers and established businesses. These quality sellers set the return and refund policies for their products. It is important to be familiar with these policies prior to making a purchase. This information should be available in the shipping section on each product page. Alternatively, you can contact sellers from their shop page. 

  • Advice to Ensure a Successful Return

    p>Ensure the shop owner is willing to accept a return before returning your items.

    • Have a return address from the shop owner
    • Establish an agreement on who will pay for the return; whether it is you as the buyer or the shop owner.  
    • Ensure you keep receipts of all transactions made.

    If you need support finding any of this information please Contact Us.  



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