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PECS Hanging Visual Timetable


This PECS Visual Timetable is perfect for children who need to understand behaviour and routines. It helps to give children structure to the day, reduce anxiety and promote confidence. It is also great for children who are visual learners.

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What is a PECS Visual Timetable

A PECS visual timetable is an aid. It is used to support communication or understanding. The use of PECS symbols helps children to have a greater understanding of expectations and routines. As a result, it helps to improve behaviour.

A visual timetables may be used at school or at home. This is because It provides structure to the day and can help to reduce anxiety. PECS symbols are used to represent the activities, routines and lessons throughout the day. As a result, these routines are taught to the child. The symbols are often displayed as a visual picture. This can be placed in an area that is easy for the child to see and understand. Therefore, the child can easily understand.

PECS Symbols include:

  1. Bedtime
  2. Breakfast
  3. Lunch
  4. Dinner
  5. Snack
  6. T.V.
  7. Hospital
  8. Bath
  9. Dress up
  10. School
  11. Park
  12. Toys
  13. Computer
  14. iPad
  15. Swimming
  16. Car
  17. Bus
  18. Club
  19. Visit friends
  20. Visit Family

Who benefits from a visual timetable?

Visual timetables are used for children with a range of needs. This includes autism, anxiety adhd and other communication needs. The overall aim of a visual timetable to help children become familiar with routine, changes and their environment. This is because it helps to reduce anxieties around uncertainty and prepares them for any adaptations to differences. Anxiety is one of the greatest causes of challenging behaviour and the visual timetable helps a child to cope with this.

The type of visual timetable can change as a child’s level of understanding and acceptance changes. The timetable with PECS symbols can move into a timetable with words. This can then move into a  child managing their own schedule using a diary or a calendar.  Some children may benefit from a simpler now and next board or less symbols on their schedule because it is easier to understand.

You can find out more about the benefit of visual timetables here

If you are looking for a now and next board, you might be interested in the PECS Visual Timetable Pack

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