Wheelchair Spokes Covers

What is a wheelchair spoke cover skin?

Wheelchair spokes cover skins are fitted on to the spokes of a wheelchair. Looking to add some character and personality to your wheelchair? With the Lapapo range of wheelchair spoke skins you can personalise your wheelchair to your tastes. Designs have been created for all personalities and identities. Prints for skin covers include superhero designs through to beach and surf scenes. For wheelchair users who are fans of vibrant colours and patterns, we have these covered too!
They allow the wheelchair to be customised and personal to the user. You can add our wheelchair skin cover disc to any wheelchair to bring a modern and friendly individual feel to your chair. With so many designs, prints and patterns adding flair to your chair couldn’t be easier. Why not invest in a couple of different designs, that can be interchanged and adapted when needed.

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What is the difference between Spoke Cover Skins and Spoke Guards?

Spoke cover skins are a round-shaped manufactured plastic sticker, designed for use on wheelchairs. Should you have spoke guards already in place on your wheelchair the spoke skin covers can be used to overlay and are placed on top. Wheelchair spoke skins come in a range of colours and fun prints from flowers to children’s cartoon characters. It is also possible to customise the skins, for a fully bespoke cover.

Wheelchair spoke guards differ from wheelchair spoke covers as they are round discs created to protect the spokes on a users wheelchair. For added personalisation wheelchair spoke guards can also be customised to a design of your choice. They come in a range of sizes and diameters, to fit perfectly to your wheelchair wheels. It is important to note the size of the wheel on a wheelchair before purchasing a wheelchair spoke cover skin or guard to ensure it fits correctly. One of the benefits of using wheelchair guards is the prevention of any fingers accidentally coming into contact with the spokes of the wheels when in motion, preventing any potential harm.

Consider looking at both wheelchair skins and wheelchair guards if you want to customise the look of your own wheelchair and add a little of your own personality.

Why would you use wheelchair spoke cover skins or guards?

Wheelchair spoke cover guards can also be beneficial to any wheelchair users that are experiencing a reduced sensation or alertness. Wheelchair spoke guards can help to prevent injuries from trapped fingers when the wheels are moving, limiting the potential harm to the wheelchair user. The wheelchair spoke cover skins have been designed to allow users to enjoy the personalisation of their wheelchair, with prints and designs available to reflect their interests or tastes. Wheelchairs can become an extension of the user’s hobbies or interests, a true reflection of what interests them as individuals. Adding wheelchair spoke covers to children’s wheelchairs can brighten their experience of the wheelchair. Adults can also enjoy the opportunity to add an identity to their wheels, and start conversations on the adaption of a wheelchair.


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