Switch Adapted Toys

Do you have a child with cerebral palsy or mobility needs? All children deserve the right to play. However,  a child’s mobility needs sometimes creates a barrier. This barrier may limit your child’s access to playing.Switch adapted toys make it easier for your child to play.

What are switch adapted toys

Switch adapted toys are everyday toys. The only difference is that they have been modified to connect with a switch. You can also find larger switches. As a result, your child can operate it with their stronger body parts, rather than relying on the battery-operation. The switch helps to remove barriers and make the toy more accessible if you have children with mobility needs. For many toys you can select the type of switch based on your child’s needs. This means that, no matter what your child’s mobility need is, they will be able to play with a switch adapted toy. Switches can be powered with your child’s foot, hand or mouth and come in a variety of sizes.

How to use switch adapted toys

The way you use a switch adapted toy will depend on the needs of your child. The toy adaptation is done by taking a battery-operated toy and changing the mode of input. The type of switch that you use for these toys would depend on your child. For example, if your child’s strongest movement was not their hands, you may select a foot or mouth operated switch. The operation of the switch adapted toy would then be the same as operating the switch.

Benefits of playing with a Switch Adapted Toy

  • Learning & Independence

Switch adapted toys allow your child to practice gross and fine motor skills with a body part that is a strength for them. Through this your child can gain stronger movement. They can also learn about cause and effect. Play is one of the greatest opportunities to learn about cause and effect. Your child can gain this through the use of a switch. This will also allow them to build a sense of confidence and independence over activities that they can have a direct influence on.

  • Enjoyment

A switch adapted toy allows your child to engage in the play that they deserve to engage in. The ability to play independently can provide a greater sense of enjoyment for your child.

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