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My experience of autism & Why I Blog

My experience of autism & Why I Blog

My experience of autism & Why I Blog

How did you feel when you heard Rhys had autism?

When Autism was first mentioned I didn’t react. It was just a word to me, a word that didn’t have meaning. I had no experience in the world of autism or its challenges, it had never been part of my live.
As I started to work through the struggles and complexities that were part of Rhys’ life, it hit me hard. I battled with the strategies that had to be learnt, their application and their failures. I struggled with the health system, the support system and the education system. But I challenged it and questioned it, and made every effort to get the best for Rhys that was available.


What inspired you to start blogging?

All that knowledge I gained and experience I continue to gain, bottled up inside me. The creation of A&Me became my outlet, and my release. A place to put my thoughts and experiences and allow me to get on with creating new ones. What I didn’t realise is how my words would impact so many, and help them on their journeys.
My blog is for me, it’s for you and for your children. Read it Enjoy it, and help me make autism part of everyone’s lives.
I am excited to announce a new partnership with Lapapo and other parent bloggers, professionals and adults who have first hand experience.

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