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My Autistic Daughter Inspires Me

My Autistic Daughter Inspires Me

My Autistic Daughter Inspires Me

Why did you start blogging?

Three years ago I began my blog as a way of supporting our Lillie who wanted a YouTube channel dedicated to helping others understand her better. What I’ve discovered is that it’s so cathartic for me. Writing was a big part of my teenage years but it was a habit I’d gotten out of.

What have you discovered through blogging?

Writing my blog, sometimes with Lillie and sometimes alone, I’ve rediscovered a love of words and writing and that there’s a healing property to the process. I also hope that my writing brings about further understanding for others about autism and the priviledge but daunting task of being the mum of an autist. It’s been a bit hit and miss over the last few years but I’m really excited to be teaming up with some amazing bloggers, parents, professionals and adults with first hand experience coordinated by Lapapo to raise awareness and share something of our stories.

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