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Get an EHC Plan That Works For Your Child


Get an EHC Plan That Works For Your Child

Hello, I am here with Sarah from SL Therapy London.  We are discussing what needs to be done to get your child an EHC plan that works for them.

What should parents be looking out for when trying to get their child’s needs met through an EHC plan?

There can often be a breakdown between what the child needs and what the school is providing. If you feel the school is not meeting your child’s needs, there are definitely alternative routes.

You can call a therapist whose role would be to request an assessment. This would be to ensure the statement is in line with what your child needs right now. We often have meetings involving the local authority. We may also provide an expert witness. This includes situations when the case needs to be escalated to tribunal. The EHC plan is a legal document, and legally it must be adhered to. There are parents who are unaware that this is an option for them.

How do you support this process ?

I aim to offer a lot of information and good advice that will be useful for parents. The aim is to provide parents a statement where they are getting access to everything listed. There are questions into timing and quantity of obtaining. When a parent comes to us we aim to ensure a parent gets through the process as soon as possible. We also provide advice on the next steps.

What should a parent do if their child is not developing speech?

If your child is not developing speech, they should be provided with a speech therapist. If they are not provided with this, there is a need to investigate. There are too many children out there who tend to go under the radar or are forgotten about. Often the statement may set targets which are not in line with your child’s level. I have gone to tribunal and won because of cases like this.

Is there anything else parents need to be aware of?

I speak to parents all the time who think they need to wait on the schools to get the EHC plan. This is a major misconception. If you have concerns about your child, you can go outside of the school. Educational, health care plans can be obtained from a speech therapist and it is something that SL Therapy London really take pride in providing.


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