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Our Core Beliefs

We believe that children with additional needs deserve more.  There should be more support, more awareness and more inclusion.  Parents and carers constantly give their best to support their children and we believe they deserve a dedicated space. We aim to raise awareness by making it easier for parents to find products for their children and share advice

Community Talks

  • 5 Tips for Self-Care while Parenting a Child with Special Needs

    Parenting can sometimes feel like a full-time job. This is even more so with the current pandemic. Between concerns about...

  • Corona Views With an Autistic Daughter

    Corona lock down has been a very challenging time for many parents. During this video a mother of an autistic...

  • Back to School after Social Distancing

    There is a new normal, a new way of living, whatever that means. Parents, teachers and children are all trying...

  • Creating a Smoother Bedtime Routine for Your Child with Special Needs

    The feeling of constantly getting up to soothe an awoken child can leave many parents searching for support. Often times...

  • Jacob & Sensory

    Tania shares her experience with her son, Jacob. He is an adorable child with an extra chromosome. She talks about...

  • Communication With Your Child

    Hi. I am here with an amazing speech and language therapist. SL therapy. And she is going to talk to...

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    About Lapapo

    Founder's Story

    Anike has always had a passion for working with children with additional needs. This included working in summer camps and volunteering in an orphanage in Peru. After gaining a PGCE from the University of Cambridge, she worked as a special needs teacher. The desire to do more for carers of children with special needs led to the development of Lapapo.



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